You have now arrived at the tender document website for Gowlain Building Group Contractors and its subsidiary Capital and City Interiors.

This website is designed to provide you with comprehensive information about how we offer our subcontractor and supplier tender information during the initial tender process and during the actual construction phase of a secured contract.

Live tenders tab at top of page contains the entirety of a tender enquiry to our company for the execution of a construction contract with our employer.  When a document(s) offered to subcontractors contained within the section of this website is available we must advise you that this is only a tender option at present to which we invite your participation in the process.  This section is password protected until such time as we secure a contract and the documents for subcontractors and suppliers will be posted into Live SubCons tab at the top of the page.

Live Sub Cons tab contains subcontract packages for labour only or labour and material subcontractorsto review either a pre-priced package of trades requirement or offer their alternative.

The tender documents listed within Live tenders and Live Sub Cons may be updated from time to time.  Therefore it is required that you visit the website prior to your final offer to our company to ensure that you are aware of any updates that may affect your.

All tender documents contained within the website represent the entirety of our enquiry to you and your obligations thereto.  Please review all documents with due care and attention.   No claim or variation will be considered for want of information that could reasonably be found within the publication of tender documents on this website. 

Your offer must be returned to Gowlain Building Group on or before the date required within the invitation to you.

Please ensure that you have your password available to access  live tender files

Live Sub contractor package within Live SubCons are not password protected.




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