Project title

St George’s Hospital Immunology Lab Refurbishment


Site Address

St George’s Hospital, Blackshaw Road, Tooting, London, SW17 0QT



St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust


Instructions to Contractors

Our enquiry to you is formed of all documents referenced and titled below.  Please review all documents to ensure that you are aware of all works relative to our enquiry to you.  No variation will be considered for want of information that is already currently available or that which can be requested during the tender period.

M&E Contractors:  Notice.

Some tender documents contain a specific M&E schedule of works.  Additional M&E works not contained within the M&E schedule of works may also be referred to within the architectural specifications.  Please review all documents to ensure total package inclusion.  No claim for variation during the construction period will be accepted for lack of review of the total trade liability.

Returning your price/quotation/tender

Please price the tender document provided only and submit with your cover letter.  DO NOT reformat the tender documents.

Return your document to on or before the date given in our enquiry to you.

Fixed price labour only contracts (contract secured opportunities)

If you are looking for fixed price building, refurbishment, plumbing trade packages then you must review the document as provided below.  The prices indicated are the rates that we want to place this subcontract element on a fixed price agreement to self employed subcontractors.  You may offer an alternative price for consideration.  All packages are lump sum based upon numbered documents inclusive of overheads, profit, your supervisory costs and subject to deductions as set out within the simplified summary provided below.  Please review the main tender document within the contents below including drawings and contract obligations.  The fixed price offer agreement that we may enter into with you or your company is not transferrable and is the property of Gowlain Building Group Contractors Ltd.  The agreement is copyright Gowlain Building Group 2014.

      Content headings as follows

  • Pre-construction (health and safety plans, risk assessments, etc.)
  • Preliminaries ( contract terms, warranties, contract duration)
  • Material and workmanship (architects/designers specifications)
  • Updates during tender period (review prior to submission)
  • Schedules of Building work (Bill of Quantities, schedules and specifications)
  • M&E specifications. (Contractor to review all documents to identify independent M&E items)
  • Structural engineer specifications
  • Architectural drawings
  • M&E Drawings
  • Structural engineer drawings
  • Videos and Photo’s of site environment (pre tender)
  • Fixed price offer document summary of Labour only fixed price contract
  • Fixed Price offer documents (For review by Self employed subcontractors labour only)


Pre-construction (health and safety plans, risk assessments, etc.)


Preliminaries (contract terms, warranties, contract durations)


Material and workmanship (architects/designers specifications)


Updates during tender period (review prior to submission)

  • N/A


Schedules of Building work (Bill of Quantities, schedules and specifications)


M&E specifications. (Contractor to review all documents to identify independent M&E items)


Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Guarantees’, Certificates of completion.

Where your company is required to provide one or more of the above. (This list is not exhaustive).  For the purpose all contracts throughout the UK these elements are classified as being part of the contract works and therefore must be provided by the Contractor in order to fulfil the contractor’s obligation under the contract.  Contract Administrators are entitled and do withhold final account payments and release of retention until such time as this information is provided.   Our enquiries to you therefore are prescribed as follows.  Your company cannot withhold such information as described above pending release of retention, interim or penultimate certificate.  Throughout the construction phase valuation process therefore a sum of £500.00 shall automatically be withheld from your valuations until such time as your company releases the above described information for projects up to £25,000.00 in value.  For projects above £25,000.00 the sum shall be £1000.00 until such time as the information is provided and accepted by the Contract Administrator on behalf of the employer.

Architectural drawings

tm19 location plan M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-04-0000_T1_Location Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-SH-13-1001_T1_Internal Door Type Elevations
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-11-1002_T1_Shaftwall Infill Detail tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-11-1001_T1_IPS Schedule
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-11-1000_T1_Sluice Hopper IPS tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-10-0002_T1_Proposed Internal Views
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-10-0001_T2_Proposed Internal Elevations tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-10-0001_T1_Proposed Internal Elevations
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1501_T2_Proposed Fire Strategy Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1501_T1_Proposed Fire Strategy Plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1401_T1_Proposed Wall Finishes Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1301_T3_Proposed Floor Finishes Plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1301_T2_Proposed Floor Finishes Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1301_T1_Proposed Floor Finishes Plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1101_T2_Proposed ceiling plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1101_T1_Proposed ceiling plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1001_T2_Setting Out Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-1001_T1_Setting Out Plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-0001_T2_Proposed GA Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-05-0001_T1_Proposed GA Plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-04-2001_T2_Demolition Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-04-1001_T1_Existing Plan
tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-04-0002_T1_Phasing & Hoarding Plan tm19 M9968-HUN-XX-00-DR-04-0001_T1_Contractor’s Access – Lower Ground Floor Plan


M&E Drawings

tm19 lighting and fire alarm 2246e101-T1-A1 tm19 lighting 2246e101-T2-A1
tm19 ventilation 2246m501-T1-A1 tm19 small power 2246e201-T1-A1
tm19 public health services 2246m801-T1-A1 tm19 piped services drawing 2246m601-T1-A1




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