Live Sub Contract packages

The lists of packages below relate to projects that our company has secured and which are due to commence or projects that are already on site.

All projects are priced as fully labour inclusive.  None of the packages include materials. All materials required to execute the packages will be provided to the subcontractor free of charge.

Materials when delivered to site will become the responsibility of the subcontractor until installed, fixed and completed.  Any loss or damage to materials will be replaced by our company at the subcontractors’ expense.

Our method of conducting business with subcontractors will be as follows.

We offer to you the fixed price labour only package; you may accept the package as priced or offer an alternative price for consideration.  Upon agreement of the lump sum or schedule of rates you will be required to enter into a fixed price agreement (FPA) with our company.  The FPA will determine the value of works, when it will start and when it may finish.  Identification of the retention fund to be withheld from you until your works are completed and accepted as completed by our employer’s contract administrator.  You will be required to be able to provide a substitute should you not directly be able to complete the works under the fixed price agreement.

You will be expected to provide all small tools including blades, bits and alike required to complete and execute your fixed price agreement.  We shall provide all plant required to comply with the current health and safety regulations applicable to our sites.  You will supervise your works and ensure that sufficient labour is on site in order to maintain our contract programme.  The hours of opening of our sites is 7.30am Monday to Sunday, the closure time is 4.45pm Monday to Friday and 2.45pm Saturday and Sunday, during which times you may be present on site to complete your works.

Once you have commenced the execution of your FPA you cannot withdraw.  If you withdraw we reserve the right to complete the works on your behalf and deduct costs from funds due to your company.

Each package is given a TM number.  To review the full contract documents to which we are committed select “live projects” tab above and navigate to the appropriate TM number to review drawings, specifications, ect associated with our contract to our employer.

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