VAT design

For a very specific type of client there is the dilemma of ensuring that they mitigate the maximum amount of Value added tax to be paid for the projects that our client wants to develop.

The complex knowledge surrounding VAT legislation changes practically by the day and to such an extent that not many architects and designers are aware of the profound updates that could seriously provide a client with a financial gain through appropriate design.

What is appropriate design?

It is the understanding of the current and developing VAT legislation and designing an environment to suit the legislation to virtually eliminate all of the VAT that would have otherwise been payable.

Does this sound reasonable?   Of course the problem is not many designers are in possession or have access to such valuable information.

We do however in the form of Rowland Ward our Senior VAT advisor in Design and advice and comment provided to us by Martin Scammell, author of the book VAT in Construction and Property.

Martin is also a regular speaker at seminars on VAT and advisors the HMRC on developing strategies regarding VAT.


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